Saturday, April 07, 2007

What would Jesus do?

Just came back from school where Nora and I had lunch with Tim. On the way home Nora was holding a bookmark Cole gave her, imprinted with a cross and those ubiquitous letters, WWJD. She held it up and asked, "What does this Bible say?" (I guess the cross gave her that connection.) I told her, "It says, 'What would Jesus do?'" Her eyes lit up. "He would give me a present before Christmas gets here a long time from now!"

Well, why not? Actually, today being Good Friday and all, I think we can say He already has.

Blessed Easter, everyone!


Julie said...

Nora's the smartest niece ever.

I think I'm going to paint her toenails pink when I see her.


Auntie Julie

Anonymous said...

Hello my Aunt! How are you? I feel as though it's been forever since we've talked. WAIT. It has. :P
I need to write you a long email or something...or just update my blogger more? When I have time and pictures this weekend, I'll try.
Just wanted to say I miss you and love you and enjoyed catching up on your posts just now.
Talk to you sometime...somewhere...?
Love you! Love to my little cousins...who aren't so little anymore.