Friday, September 30, 2005

Let's give this a whirl...

I've been meaning and needing to write to a lot of people since we moved back to Kaohsiung, so I'm going to give blogging a try and see if it does the trick. The hard part, I think, will be getting up from the computer and getting other things done during the day.

I should post some news here, I think, so let's see what I can come up with....

-Cole was home sick for the second day in a row today. Head cold.
-Nora's still getting over hers.

There's your peek into the thrill-a-minute expat life.

We've been back two months now, and we're all doing well (except for the colds). There was not a lot of adjusting to do -- the same school, same apartment, same kind of car (long live the Zace!), same friends and neighbors (with some new ones and some others no longer here after our two years away). It's a little strange, stepping back into our old life; it makes our time in Everett seem like a dream. It's good to be back, though, even if Kaohsiung is not exactly paradise.

I'm studying Chinese with my former teacher, Chang Lau Shr, and that's going well. Happily, lots of what she taught me before has remained lodged in the old grey matter, and comes to the surface when needed. I help her with English for three quarters of an hour, and then we switch. I like this arrangement, because I get to decide what I want to study. This week I had her help me prepare a script so I can go into Nora's preschool tomorrow and withdraw her (it was a short-lived adventure). Nice school, but she is still too young. We'll give it another go in the spring, maybe.

All right, let's hit the publish button now, shall we, and see how this goes?