Monday, October 03, 2005

A view from the front seat

Hooray! I think Mozilla Firefox has saved the day, and I can start uploading some pictures. I'll start with a typical Kaohsiung street scene, this one taken while I was parked (I never shoot and drive) outside Starbuck's on Minzu Lu. While Tim ran in for beans, I took aim at unsuspecting scooterists.

The two pink helmets caught my eye. Something about the camaraderie of it, in an otherwise chaotic environment. Although you can't see it in this photo, it's still commmon to see three or four (and sometimes five) people on one scooter here. The greater the number, the more likely that most of the passengers will be small children.

I have yet to actually man a scooter myself; I think I'll ask my friend Kristin to give me a lesson and go into the village with me. It's something I meant to do last time....

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