Sunday, February 26, 2006

Reading for understanding

I need to update my reading list on the right; my parents brought over some books I'd ordered and I've been dipping into them when I have the time. I'm still on a Eugene Peterson kick, just finishing his book on Jeremiah, Run with the Horses, where he writes:
Any part of our lives that is turned over to the crowd makes it and us worse. The larger the crowd, the smaller our lives.... On the other hand, every time that we retrieve a part of our life from the crowd and respond to God's call to us, we are that much more ourselves, more human. Every time we reject the habits of the crowd and practice the disciplines of faith, we become a little more alive.
This is how I felt about our two years of homeschooling, as well as our time here. I prefer living out of the mainstream, although not to an extreme – we're not to isolate ourselves from the world, only live differently in it. And you can't help but do so here.

A friend lent me G.K. Chesterton's Complete Father Brown, which I've just started. I used to read mysteries more often; in fact, Lord Peter Wimsey led me to Dorothy L. Sayers' other works on classical education and apologetics, which I love. (I have to admit, though, that I first discovered Wimsey on Mystery! rebroadcasts before I picked up the books. Thanks, Mobil.)

I bought my dad a copy of Taiwan: A Political History by Denny Roy, and he very kindly left it for us to read after they flew home. I have picked it up and read some random passages, but really ought to read it all the way through. I'm sure I'd understand the current events much better if I had a grasp on the historical ones.

My other reading is mostly along the lines of Where's Spot? and Peekaboo Bunny, which I enjoy for the company that my reading aloud brings me. Books are good companions, but even better when shared.


Anonymous said...

Well, Kathy, it has been awhile since I've read your blog. Now that Ben and Nathan are a bit more sane about having a little brother, and that little brother is getting a nap routine down, I have a few minutes to read your blog. There was so much to read, and rich reading it was. I feel extra blessed today having read about your last two months! God has definitely given you a gift and I (as well as He, I'm sure) am very thrilled to see you using it to His glory. I hope that puts just enough pressure on you to keep doing it. :)

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I am glad there are some books on your list that my puny brain can grasp. I am grateful for your consideration of us "literarily" challenged.
I am still loving your writing.
Second floor buddy!!!