Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The thrill of the road

Check out this video for a taste of driving in Taiwan. It has several great illustrations of Kat's Taiwan Law of Vehicular Attraction: When three or more vehicles are on the same roadway, all traveling at different speeds, their paths will align at the narrowest, curviest, or otherwise most dangerous part of the road. Pedestrians, poor weather, and road crews increase the effect.

The video was taken somewhere on the east side of the island. It's beautiful country, but it's hard to appreciate the view when you're behind the wheel.



Julie said...

That's CRAZY!

At least you'll be prepared when Nora & Cole are old enough for their driving permits and you get to teach them driver's ed!

I didn't see too many pedestrians in the video... have they all been wiped out?

Kat said...

Pedestrians? They're all lurking behind parked cars, waiting for me to drive by (at least that's how it seems).

I fear for Cole's driver's ed days, after growing up surrounded by such, shall we say, organic use of the road here. Like water seeking its natural course, so are the scooters of Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

Video can now be found here:

Aboriginal singer is Samingad.