Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spring goes zing!

How can it be May already? Not just May, but the end of May, even? Well, for once I've got a really good reason for not writing, and you can see her to the right, here. This is Nian Yu, a lovely little girl who was born two months premature and needed a caring home for awhile until she could make her way to the orphanage. From there she will travel to a new home in America, but only after the paperwork is done and the judge says okay. It may take some time, but I'm hopeful that by the end of this year she will be in a family for good.

We had never fostered a child before this, and hadn't really thought about it; but when a friend who works with the orphanage asked if we would consider taking Nian Yu in, I couldn't think of a single reason to say no. I knew she'd wake for feedings at night, and need lots of attention when we're all at our busiest, and make everything just a tiny bit more complicated, but none of those things seemed more important than providing an infant with the chance to bond to someone at such a critical time. So we said yes.

Lots of people asked if I thought it would be hard to let her go. I knew that it would be. If it wasn't, that meant I wasn't doing a very good job of mothering her. And indeed, last Sunday when we handed her to the very loving and dedicated couple who run The Home of God's Love, it was hard to say goodbye. I'm not really in the market for another baby -- those 1:00 and 4:00 a.m. feedings did take a lot out of me! -- but she was my constant companion for five weeks and I felt guilty for letting her go. I am grateful that she is in capable hands, and I am praying that her transition to the orphanage is going well and her stay there will be brief. Wo ai ni, Nian Yu!


Petanque-kaohsuing-Taiwan said...

wecome back to the blog world!! and yes as I write this the tears are are runing down.i guess I'm a softy dont tell anyone,I know you and Tim Cole and nora enjoyed your five weeks with Nian Yu verry much. we will pray for her.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You are a great mama and little Nian Yu is off to a great start. Can't wait to see all you guys next month!
Love ya,
Mom A

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Great job! WIll you be able to follow Nian Yu's journey?

Lowa said...

Good for you, Kathy! I am sure Cole and Nora just adored her, eh?? Did it pose questions from Nora??

My parents started fostering when I was three. They still are to this day. I have had COUNTLESS foster sibs and when I was VERY young, asked when I would have to leave also. I just thought of them as true sibs and wondered when it was MY time to leave. As I aged, I made the connection that I was biological and would not be going anywhere. IT was SO HARD not to adopt every child we had of course. It was torture to see them go, especially the ones we had for as long as TWO YEARS. WOWZA, I am almost crying thinking of them even now...

I will pray for her, what a beautiful little girl!

Dianna said...

She is such a sweetie! I bet you had lots of fun, a few ups and downs.We are really looking forward to seeing you guys in just a couple of weeks! Have a great day! Love Dianna