Saturday, January 20, 2007

Funny undies

I only have a minute, since I'm trying to get to bed before 11:00 these days, but I just had to share: I picked up some new "big girl pants" for Nora this week, white with a cute little duck design on them. They were sealed in their packaging, so I couldn't really check them out until I got home, but, I mean, it's little girl undies. What could possibly go wrong? (Okay, that's a rhetorical question; this is Taiwan, and any printed surface should be approached with caution by English speakers.) So, I get them home, and upon closer inspection I find that next to the happy little duck is a tiny little fish, labeled "fish," and a tiny little crab, labeled... "crap." Naturally.

I'm thinking maybe I'll frame them.

1 comment:

Lowa said...

That is hysterical!

Hope all is well with you guys:)