Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Year notes

Whenever I start feeling like I'm so behind in posting, I click on my neighbor's link to the right here to cheer myself up. (October? Thanks, Matt! I feel better already!)

The new year is off to a pretty good start. My parents are here for a visit, which is great, but Tim, Cole, Dad and I have been feeling a bit off (a couple of nasty bugs have been circulating the building since Christmas), so I'm hoping that it all blows over soon and we stay healthy the rest of their time here. We're planning on touring the east side of the island next weekend. Last Saturday we spent the day in Kenting -- lovely weather, and hardly anyone else on the beach -- but the last two days Cole's been sick and we've not done much.

I have been spending very little time on the computer lately, not on purpose, but as a result of trying to get to bed earlier. Something had to give, and for now, at least, it's computer time. I'm finding that the earlier I go to bed, though, the harder it is to get up in the morning. I will keep at it, but seriously, it makes me want to sleep more, and that's kind of not the point. Could be a flu-related thing, though, so I'm not making any plans to stay up late. Yet.

Not much news on this side of the world. No major aftershocks since the quakes in December. The holidays were quiet and pleasant (except for said earthquakes), but now school's back in session and life's picked up where it left off before the break. We're looking ahead to Chinese New Year already; nothing like two weeks off to make you wish for more. Sort of like the sleep thing....

Speaking of, off to bed I go. Will post some pix soon of our travels.

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